In the previous article, I have discussed in detail on How to add your website to Google Webmaster Tool and easily verify it. Now during this article, I will discuss How you can submit sitemap to google webmaster tool.

WHY To Submit Sitemap?

Before knowing why to submit it. First answer this however will google comprehend your Blog/Website ?

I think you have got the answer, Right?

If not, then its fine!

Google will solely comprehend your web site once you submit the all of your journal URL to google and this will be done victimization submitting the sitemap the google webmaster tool.

A sitemap is simply Associate in Nursing XML file that contains the URLs within your journal. This file helps crawlers to search out all of the URLs of your journal. WordPress XML sitemap conjointly tells search engines that links on your web site square measure a lot of vital than others and the way oftentimes you update your web site. While sitemaps don't boost your search rankings, it allows search engines to better crawl your website.

How To Generate Sitemap For Your WordPress Website

There are many ways to create a sitemap. we use yoast wordpress plugin to generate sitemap. We use this plugin because it allows us to optimize our blog posts along with offering many other features. You can conjointly generate sitemap victimization “Sitemap” wordpress plugin.

How to generate Sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin.

1. To generate sitemap using yoast seo plugin, First you need to have yoast seo plugin. If you dont have then simply transfer it from Add new plugin section.

2. After installing the yoast seo plugin. Go to your yoast dashboard and click on on XML Sitemap.

Note : In the latest yoast version, they have hidden this feature. To do so Go to yoast dashboard and then Features and there you will see a option Advanced settings pages which is disabled. Just Enable it.

3. currently you'll see a brand new possibility XML Sitemap. Click on that.

4. Once there, alter XML sitemap practicality if it's disabled.

When you check the box to alter XML sitemap practicality, WordPress SEO can show you variety of choices that you simply will tack together for your Sitemaps. If you are unsure about what to do with them, then ignore them and just click on Save settings.

How to submit sitemap to google webmaster tool??

Now you have generated the sitemap. What to do next?

You have to merely submit the sitemap to google webmaster tool.

1. First of all, Go to google wemaster tool.

2. And within the dashboard, at the right hand side you will see a option Sitemaps. Click on it.

3. Here you can submit a new sitemap. Click on red button “Add/Test sitemap”

4. the most sitemap that contain link to all or any your alternative sitemap is sitemap_index.xml

Just submit this sitemap and click on on ‘Submit sitemap’ that is in blue color.

5. Once you have got with success supplemental your sitemap, it will appear as pending.

It will take Google someday to crawl your web site. After a minute you'd be able to see some stats concerning your sitemap. It will show you the number of links it found in your sitemap, how many of them got indexed, a ratio of images and web pages, etc.