What is XML Sitemap and How to create Blogger Sitemap

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What is Sitemap?

Sitemap file is a collection of all web pages that are available on your website or blog. Search engines like Google and Bing will use these web sitemap files to find pages on your site that the search bots could have otherwise incomprehensible throughout regular travel.

Creating a sitemap is one technique which will definitely help improve your SEO strategy.

Some of you'll be more acquainted with this than others. I’ll offer you a fast crash program on the fundamentals of sitemaps before I show you ways to create an internet site sitemap on your own. Simply put, a sitemap, or XML sitemap, could be a list of various pages on a web site. XML is brief for “extensible markup language,” which may be a path display information on a site.
I’ve consulted with numerous website owners who are intimidated by this idea because sitemaps are considered a technical component of SEO. But altogether reality, you don’t ought to be a tech wizard or have a tech background to form a sitemap. As you’ll learn shortly, it’s really not that difficult.

Why does one need a sitemap?

Search engines like Google are committed to displaying the foremost relevant results to people for any given search query. so as do that effectively, they use site crawlers to read, organize, and index information on the web .

XML sitemaps make it easier for program crawlers to read the content on your site and index the pages accordingly. As a result, this increases your opportunities of increasing the SEO ranking of your website. Your sitemap will tell search engines the placement of a page on your website, when it had been updated, the updating frequency, and also the importance of the page as it’s associated with other pages on your site. Without a correct sitemap, Google bots might think that your site has duplicate content, which can actually hurt your SEO ranking.

The Problem with Blogger Sitemap Files:

An complete web sitemap file ought to mention all pages of a site however that’s not the case if your diary is hosted on Blogger.

The default XML sitemap file of any Blogger diary can have solely the twenty six most up-to-date diary posts . That’s a limitation as a result of a number of your older diary pages, that are missing within the default XML sitemap file, could ne'er get indexed in search engines. There’s but a straightforward answer to repair this downside.

Sitemap Example:

Here below is the Sitemap Example of my website''TechWorld".
Sitemap,Blogger Sitemap, XML Sitemap Generator, Sitemap Example,HTML Sitemap, Sitemap Example

Steps to create XML Sitemap:

This section is valid for every regular Blogger blogs and additionally the self-hosted Blogger blogs that use a custom domain (like techworld44.info).

Here’s what you should do to reveal your blog’s complete web site structure to go looking engines with the assistance of an XML sitemap.

1. Open the Sitemap Generator and type the complete address of your blog (or your self-hosted Blogger blog).

2. Click the produce Sitemap button and this tool can instantly generate the mandatory text for your sitemap. Copy the whole generated text to your writing board.

3. Next move to your Blogger dashboard and below Settings – > Search Preferences, the change Custom robots.txt possibility. Paste the writing board text here and save your changes.

And we are done. Search engines can mechanically discover your XML sitemap files via the robots.txt file and you don’t need to ping them manually.