China 5G and 6G Is Going To Be Launched Soon

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China 5G and 6G:

After the loss of Android and iOS, China has begun work on 6G service in response to US 5G technology. According to Chinese mobile company Huawei, 6G technology will be available on a commercial basis by 2030. Huawei, a Chinese mobile company, has launched a technology investigation at the R&D Center in Ottawa.

According to sources, 5G technology could have been a problem for Huawei after the US measures, which the company has begun work on 6G service and will be completed as soon as possible. According to a foreign news agency, Huawei, along with 13 universities and research institutes in Ottawa, has begun research on 6G technology in the R&D Center.

According to a company spokesperson, the investigation is currently underway because 6G technology will not be available on a commercial basis before 2030. Experts say that Huawei is working with other companies on 6G networks and new applications to get the most out of Google's Android system. It is understood that the US government has imposed sanctions on Huawei in the wake of security concerns, after which the company has also relied on Android and Huawei has introduced its operating system.

On the other hand, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)5G licenses will be issued in Pakistan this November. The advertisement was advertised in the newspaper to receive the requests while the procedure was also released on the website. Is. It is understood that 3G and 4G licenses were issued in 2014 after which a large number of users started using them. According to PTA, 440 million people have received 3G and 4G service. Various telecom sector companies are keen on using FOG licenses.