How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook

Hi Guys, I am again present with a new tutorial " How To Unblock Website URL On Facebook ".

      As all of us know that Facebook is the largest social media network in the world including Instagram and WhatsApp. It has introduced its terms and conditions and Community Standards for best user experience.

      However, sometimes, Facebook blocks your URL for best user experience. It may happen because you have over shared your content on Facebook. It may also happen due to sharing of sensitive content or nudity.

     If your blog is related to Facebook articles or you get a lot of traffic from Facebook, it can be so frustrating.They will automatically wipe everything related to your blog URL causing a great loss of website traffic.

How To Unblock Web URL On Facebook:

1. Go to the Facebook Developers Web Page Facebook Developers.

2.Now, enter your website URL and click on the Debug Button to check what is wrong with your URL.

3. Next, a message like this will be shown: " We can't review this website because the content didn't meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know".

4.Click on the "let us know".

5.Once page opens up, write following in the box: " This website URL is just developed for the help and information of people. There is no scam,nudity and vulgur material in it.Please,unblock my website URL.

6.Click on the "Submit" Button and your issue will be subjected for the review by the Facebook Developers Team and your Website URL will be unblocked in next 24 hours or more.

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