How to Monetize Your Website With Facebook

       Today, Earning online has become a hobby and passion of every person.Everyone wants to earn money at home but it is not quite easy.There are many online earning methods and platforms like Google adsense,CJ Affiliates,Propeller ads and many more but their policies are very much complicated.

           Today,I am going to tell you an alternative method of earning.As all of us know that everyone uses Facebook now a days.We can earn money through it easily just by having a website or blog or even a facebook page.You should just follow the step by step instructions given blow.


1.Go to the Facebook Developers Page and click on Start Now.

2. You can create a new App or choose an existing one.After you choose or create an App, click link to Facebook.

Then, select Mobile-Website as shown below in the image.

Then, add your email and category and click Sign Up.

Now, solve the Facebook Captcha and click submit.

3.Add your Website:

To add your website,click on Apps and Websites to add your domain.

Scroll down and click on Add Domain.

4.Now, let's take the ad code to show Facebook ads on our website.

Click on Placements in side menu bar tab.We will get the ad codes from this tab to add on websites.

You can create a new Ad placement  or use the default placement.

Click on Get HTML not on Get Code.

Now, Copy the code by clicking on Copy HTML.

Now, You have completed all steps in Monetization through Facebook.You can paste  the copied code anywhere in the tempelates or themes.When a visitors visits ads on your site and clicks on them, You will be get paid.

If you have any problem or query in the above steps, You can contact us through e-mail or Whatsapp us at +92-308-6237-585