How to Earn Money From Word Press Website With Facebook

Hi Guys, I am again present with a new tutorial on "How to Earn Money From Word Press Website With Facebook".
In the previous tutorial, I have told you how to create Facebook Developers account and get ad codes for earning renevue.If you have not read my first article , then, You should read my first article on How to Monetize Website With Facebook because you can not understand this second tutorial without first one.
Let's start Guys!
In WordPress, We can place the code on a Text Widget or directly in your tempelate where you want ads to show up.

➣ First, Drag a Text Widget to the Widget Area where we want the ads.

➣ Second, Paste the copied Facebook Placement code and click save.

➢ Clear your cache if you use a cache plugin on WordPress.

➣ Now, You can see ads on your website after your acceptance in the Facebook Audience Network.

➣Finally, go to the AD Network Dashboard, click on Payout.Add your bank details to faciliate Payout.

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